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Challenges we face

Ron Mills' Platform

Positions On South Texas Issues

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Protecting Faith

Faith in God guides me everyday. I was raised both a Southern and Independent Baptist and converted to Catholicism after marrying my wife. My background helps understand a wider spectrum of a Christian life and religion at large which helps me understand why me must fight for the right of religious freedom which is threatened in modern times.


A South Texas Family

I have had the pleasure of raising my four children in a strong Hispanic home with my wife, a Mexican national. Our combined love of family and the melding of our two cultures has made for a fantastic home similar to what is found throughout South Texas. Preserving this unique family dynamic is what makes this area such a special place to live.


Life is the Only Choice

I will always uphold the rights of the unborn when representing any issue that effects abortion and the right to life. I am a strong supporter of the Hyde Amendment that prohibits any federal public funds from being spent on abortions. In the Biden 2021 budget he removed the Hyde Amendment and is the first president since Clinton to challenge this God supported amendment.

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As someone with extensive military experience I know the dangers and benefits of having a gun. I believe that the second amendment should not be modified or restricted and that gun rights are fundamental rights.


Greatness Remains

After experiencing life in countries all across the western hemisphere I believe that America has always been great but has become stagnant. We the people who the country belongs to need to stand up and reclaim it and get it moving forward once again.


Remember Those Who Served

Serving in the military is an honor shared with those in the force as well as with their families. A lot is sacrificed to protect the country and our allies around the globe. I stand with our veterans and those injured on the front lines and will work to returning Concurrent Receipt and keep veterans from paying for their own disability.

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Border Security

A Country Without Borders Is Not A Country - Thomas Jefferson

Having worked with CPB and ICE as well as their former versions I intimately understand how important the border is to national security. We must work to overcome this new humanitarian crisis and help curb the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs.


Invest In The Future

While South Texas is an area with a selection of nationally recognized schools, it still experiences a brain drain after they graduate. By working on funding for public schools both technical and traditional the region can attract more students who will stay to help the economy flourish.


Spreading The Workload

South Texas may have a large number of fields to work in but they are centered around a few limited locations. By spreading the industries of agriculture, manufacturing, and even entertainment the region's economy can be boosted and raise the quality of life for everyone.

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